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One Of My Favorite Embroidery Tools

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Behind The Monogram is a collection of blog posts about monograms, embroidery, smocking, and anything else that seems interesting at the moment. Follow along and learn interesting facts and also have a little fun.

One Of My Favorite Embroidery Tools

Dawn Rhodes

Machine embroidery is fun! I've been "learning" how to produce quality embroidery for ten years or so. Being a semi-master at hand embroidery helps me understand what quality machine embroidery should look like. There are several factors  needed to  get quality machine embroidery.

  1. A well digitized design is key to a great stitch-out.
  2. Balanced top and bottom tensions on your embroidery machine.
  3. Good quality thread.
  4. The right stabilizer for the design.
  5. Embroidery machine. Single needle machines do a good job but a great multi-needle machine gives a superior result.

One of the key things to help a design stitch out well is having the stabilizer and fabric secured to the embroidery hoop. Several months ago, in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, someone talked about a staple clip gadget they used to secure the fabric to the hoop when using Fast Frames. Fast Frames are after- market hoops where the stabilizer and fabric are secured to a metal frame instead of being sandwiched in between two pieces of hoop. There are several ways to secure the fabric but I like to use the Supaclip by Rapesco.


I found this handy dandy tool on Amazon. Click on the buy button to  purchase the tool .

In the picture below you can see where I placed the stabilizer on the frame.


This picture shows the bodysuit (Owl Bodysuit by 3 Marthas) aligned over the stabilizer on the frame. It is now ready to be clipped in place.

bodysuit-ready-to clip.jpb

Next is a very non-professional video of the "clipping" process. As you can see in the video, you have to "shake down" the next clip.

The finished clipped garment is shown in the next picture..


The finished product turned out great!

I think you can see why I like this product! It also makes a great gift to give to friends.

Note: For more information on Fast Frames go to