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Online website offering monogrammed baby gifts including hooded towels, bibs, burp, and baby blankets.

Behind The Monogram Blog

Behind The Monogram is a collection of blog posts about monograms, embroidery, smocking, and anything else that seems interesting at the moment. Follow along and learn interesting facts and also have a little fun.

Hair Bow Project For My Niece

The Polka Dot Store

It took me a while but I finally finished a set of monogrammed



bows for my n


Since I've been making hair bows for a LONG time, you would think this would be a

easy for me. It was always easy for

me to make

bows out of double face satin ribbon but I was having a hard time getting my

bows made with grosgrain ribbon

to look perfect.

After looking at online videos and talking to


friend of mine, I think I have mastered the technique. My friend, Beth,

has always been very generous to share her wealth of info

rmation and you can find her great creatio

ns in her Etsy store

here .

My niece loves her new hair bows.

Hopefully, I can get her mom to send me a picture soon to post with my precious n

iece we

aring one of her bows!